Concerned for someone else?

We understand that you may have your concerns for someone that you know who you suspect is suffering from an Eating Disorder, but are unsure how to approach the person and the situation as a whole.

We have lots of information about Eating Disorders on our site and links to many other helpful websites that may help to give you a better understanding about your concerns and help you to point you in the right direction as to how to properly address them.

You may want to read over the information that we have about the different types of Eating Disorders, as well as our Eating Disorders Explained page.

Our Helpful Resources page has lots of information, linking to other relevant Websites, Videos of people recounting real life Eating Disorder experiences as well as health professionals speaking on the subject, amongst a myriad of insightful books and downloadable booklets.

As always, you can contact TEDs Group Facilitator Leigh Best, via the details on our Contact us page, as well as checking out when our next monthly Support Group is if you wish to discuss your concerns with others.