How TEDs can help you

The TEDs monthly support group welcomes carers as well as sufferers to share their experiences and offer support to others. You will not be encouraged to speak about your experiences if you do not feel comfortable and you can rest assured that in our group will find a non-judgemental and relaxed atmosphere.


A Message of Hope from Group Facilitator Leigh Best

Group Facilitator, Leigh Best, has written a short, open and heart warming letter addressed to encourage you to reach out for help, hope, and support.

Dear Reader,

I am so glad you found us. I have supported many families over the last 16 years, with the help of some phenomenal expert volunteers and I want to ask you to reach out to us, and become part of the TEDs family. We really care about your well being, whether you are a sufferer or a carer, this is a family illness, and everybody suffers. Everybody worries. At times everyone feels helpless and hopeless.

But I would like you to reflect on this. There is always hope for change, there really is. Recovery from this illness is real. I have seen it. With the right help and support at the right time, recovery is possible. I have learned a lot over the years, and I would like to share my knowledge, experience, and strategies with you to try and help. Recovery is a process, Change is a process, and its not always easy, but we are here to support you through the bad times. Talking and sharing in a confidential setting can help because we understand how hard this can be.

We understand that family members can be heartbroken, and crippled with anxiety. We know that sometimes a sufferer believes they will never break free. We know that there is a minority of complex cases where the Eating Disorder will remain as part of other serious psychological conditions. We are here for all of you. For mild to moderate experiences, we are here for you. If you feel misunderstood and judged, we are here for you. If you don’t know what to say or do, we are here for you.

We know there are amazing Eating Disorders practitioners working tirelessly within our  NHS System. However, I would like to encourage you to contact your MP if you are not happy with anything to do with your treatment within the NHS.

( Waiting lists, lack of beds, lack of ongoing support etc)  It is only by doing this can we campaign for positive  change for others.

In the meantime , please keep pushing through, and remember that miracles can happen, no matter how bleak things get, you are valuable, your life is important, you are worthwhile, and you deserve to be happy. None of us escape pain, but we can learn to overcome anything with emotional support. We can experience joy in every day. To the family I want to say, ditch the guilt, this is an illness, its not your fault. To the sufferer, YOU ARE NOT YOUR EATING DISORDER. So  hang in there. Be kind to yourself. It is astonishing how short a time it can take for very wonderful things to happen. Have Hope.

We look forward to talking with you very soon. With love and light , and lots of positive energy.

Leigh Best – Founder



Please feel free to contact Leigh using any of the contact details on our Contact us page and don’t forget to check out the details of the TEDs monthly Support Group on our Meet With TEDs page.


Our HOPE Educational Family Support Programme

If you are a family struggling to support a loved one who is suffering from an Eating Disorder, then our COPE Programme could help to give you ideas and inspiration that you may desperately need.

Find out more about our HOPE Programme.