If you are Under 16

It can be really hard to cope with your eating problems alone. You might think that no one will understand? You might feel ashamed and embarrassed. You might deny there is a problem, and try to hide how you really feel, and what you are doing.


Always remember… You are not alone

Around 1 in 100 people between 10 -20 will develop Anorexia. Bulimia is believed to be two or three times as common. So you see, you are not alone.

If you have a broken leg, people can see that you are unwell, but your mind can become unwell too, and sometimes this can lead to an eating disorder. You need help and support to get well.


Talk to an adult that you can trust

We know how hard it can be to tell someone how big your problem has become, and how awful you feel. Telling someone might not be as bad as you think, and the sooner you tell someone, the quicker you can get help and support.  Talking really can help.

PLEASE, PLEASE  tell an adult that you can trust. If you cannot face telling your parents or carers, tell a teacher, a school nurse, a relative, or a learning mentor.


Helpful Contacts

Young Minds have a great website, www.youngminds.org, and more locally there is mymind.org.uk.

Or you can contact Beat’s Youth line on 0845 634 7650 .

There is a fact sheet on Eating Disorders and Young People on www.rcpsych.ac.uk that could help you and your family understand more about Eating Disorders.

TEDs hope you reach out and ask for help……..good luck, you deserve to be happy again.